1. Melanie Matyi (center), 18, of Oakland laughs as she works with her friends from the sixth floor of Nordenberg Hall to try to untangle themselves from “The Human Knot” on the lawn of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland on Thursday, April 10, 2014. The sixth floor crew were out for the afternoon playing games in the warmer weather as temperatures pushed passed 70 degrees.

  2. Teagle F. Bougere performs in an adaptation of Greek poet Homer’s epic, The Iliad, put on by Pittsburgh Public Theater at the O’Reilly Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

  3. After the ballet. Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

  4. Paramedics Jon Atkinson, Riz Valles, Rich Jones, and Paul Sabol transport a man who fell approximately 10 feet from a beam underneath Panther Hollow Bridge onto an abutment in Oakland on Sunday, April 13, 2014. The man suffered a head injury and was knocked unconscious, said Rescue One Paramedic Riz Valles. Paramedics worked to secure the man and bring him down the hillside and onto Panther Hollow Trail, where he was transported to an area hospital.

  5. Painting major Emilly Miller, 20, of Shadyside, turns to shield herself from a hit from art and computer science major Paul Peng, 19, of Shadyside, as they battle it out to settle a past Facebook argument outside the art school at Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland on Sunday, April 13, 2014. “We’re letting people get out their aggressions,” said organizer and fine arts major Matt Sandler, 25, of Squirrel Hill (pictured far left), who said the idea emerged out of a way to deal with Miller and Peng’s Facebook argument and then evolved to let students box their teachers (and so on) as well. “We’re resolving differences through fighting, not words,” said Sandler. Beside Sandler, Carolina Vogt, 19, of Shadyside, records the boxing match.

  6. Jia in his mother’s finest. Pittsburgh, PA.

  7. Goodnight stairway, goodnight streetlight, goodnight Pittsburgh.

  8. Can’t wait to go see my sister Erika Strasburg in Quantum Theater’s farce “Pantagleize” in some abandoned office building in Pittsburgh this week. Here is Quantum’s description: 

    Pantagleize is a wild rumination on revolution.  Quantum’s Jay Ball freely adapts Michel de Ghelderode’s 1929 avant garde play. Our Pantagleize is a take on beat poet Allen Ginsberg, off to be King of May in Prague, but he’s taken up in alternating turns by a quirky guide, a sexy spy, and a nasty dictator.  As in the original, our hero unwittingly starts a revolution by saying the secret password, producing a darkly humorous attack on militarism.

    I was fascinated with learning about the history behind a lot of this adaptation when I lived in the Czech Republic, and I’ve found a good historical look at the deportation of Allen Ginsberg by Czechoslovakian state security here. The other pieces I recommend reading are Vaclav Havel’s essay “Power of the Powerless” and his letter to Dr. Husak, General Secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, both of which you can find here. Of course there’s been so much amazing photography coming out of all corners of the world as revolutions and evolutions of power, politics, and statehood grab headlines (or go unreported) every day. Being connected to these images and knowing some of the stories of the people behind them really make this play hit hard in my heart and it’s great to see that local theater companies are taking a risk with something challenging and timely for their audiences. Havel would be proud.

  9. Chelsea at the racetrack. Englishtown, NJ.

  10. Protestors make their way through downtown Pittsburgh to conclude their protests and meet to talk about future action as a part of a “Good Jobs, Healthy Pittsburgh Day of Action” calling for an increase in hourly wages for UPMC Workers on Monday, March 3, 2014.

  11. Jasper Hall, 3, of Beechview, laughs as he plays with “oobleck” modeled after the funny slime in Dr. Seuss’s Bartholomew and the Oobleck book read to him at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Beechview during a Dr. Seuss themed children’s program on Monday evening, March 24, 2014. To the right is Jasper’s sister Lilah Hall, 6, also of Beechview. The Carnegie Public Library is using money from a dedicated tax and gaming revenues to add hours across the system of libraries.

  12. Joseph Lehota, 23, of Apollo, makes a spas as he pond skims across a pool of water during the Peak Ski Jamboree at Boyce Park in Plum on Sunday, March 16, 2014. The event marked the last day of the ski season at the park, and it included a downhill race, rail jam, and pond skim. This winter has been the county ski area’s most successful season in decades.

  13. Victor Scassera’s Business Management class is illuminated by computer screens as they watch an example of interactive advertising shown to them during an “AD-U” class at Penn Hills High School on Thursday, March 13, 2014. The 10-week program brings in industry professionals from Mullen Advertising to guide students through creating an advertising campaign from start to finish.

  14. Ambridge High School Junior ROTC Color Guard waits to post the colors at a dinner welcoming National Commander of the American Legion, Daniel M. Dellinger, to American Legion Post 474 in Zelienople, PA.

  15. Pittsburgh girl at Drake concert.